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Integration is in Motion - Every Day

Worldwide, more than 25 million people are fleeing conflict, persecution or serious violations of human rights  [UNHCR], and the number is rising. Only a small part of them reaches Europe. STARRING Aachen e.V. is a response to the situation in Aachen, where over 10,000 refugees have arrived since 2015 and now call Aachen home. STARRING Aachen e.V. is an attempt not only to welcome these people, but to accompany them on the path of integration.

For us, integration is a process that requires interaction between people. Interaction takes place constantly and everywhere in everyday life, and can therefore be actively promoted by each of us. Each small part contributes in the sum to integration. You can be one of those parts.

Since 2015, STARRING Aachen e.V. has grown steadily and, together with refugees, has established a number of regular offerings in a wide variety of areas to promote interaction with the people of Aachen*. In projects with joint learning, sports or cooking evenings, the participants can get to know each other, get closer and thus make an important contribution to integration in Germany and Aachen.

With our projects and actions we want to set a political and social signal. Integration is possible. Integration means movement and takes place every day here in Aachen.

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